I'm an anti-bullshit problem solver that covers the end to end in digital product crafting (from inception, design, ownership, development, team building and management).

Right now, I'm taking a gap (aka play time!) period to explore, design and develop ideas in cycles of 6 to 8 weeks, launch them and see what happens.

Prior to that I led a global blockchain practice at a big corporate, drove growth and product at two tech companies, co-authored a non-fiction best seller and started and sold a company in my last year at college, among other things.

If you want to see this adventure in first person, with its ups and downs, learn what works, what not and learn a ton along the way, I'll write you a weekly email with each new chapter of the story. I'm doing it at Maker's Way.

You'll get:

  • How to go from a raw idea to launch, including market research, idea evaluation, UX&UI design, prototyping, development and launch.
  • Mistakes I've done, what I did to solve them and lessons learnt in the process.
  • How to apply state of the art product design techniques and tools, such as design thinking, customer journeys, value proposition & business model canvas, customer journeys among others.
  • Insights on the strategy, roadmap and tactics I'm using to reach my goals.
  • Useful resources I've found or made that helped me advance.
  • How I use software like Figma, Sketch, Miro, VS Code among many others to build digital products.
  • Early access and updates to every product I'm making.

If you want to see more content, go read the articles I've written or see more about my story so far.

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👨🏽‍💻 Currently building

Log and ROI -> A simple web app that helps indie creators track their projects's costs logging the time invested, to keep the ROI in sight (as Logan Roy would do :)

Expected launch date: june '20

🚀 Launched

June '20

Maker's Vault -> A growing curated collection of resources and tools to help you ideate, build, launch and grow your projects.

Open Maker -> A Free and Open-Source Ghost theme optimized for subscriptions with a clean and modern reading experience.

May '20

makersway.io -> Content and resources to help digital makers succeed. A community for digital makers based on four key pillars:

  • Essays covering in-depth timeless business wisdom.
  • Weekly newsletter in which I which I tell the status of my digital products, what I've developed, what I've learned, resources I used and early access for subscribers.
  • A curated collection of resources that worked for me or I find useful.
  • Slack community for subscribers to help them connect with other makers, find support if they need it and talk about their products.