An in-depth tour on my professional career so far. Here you'll see how I approach my work, goals achieved, lessons learned, mistakes made and key-takeaways of every role I played.

Blockchain Practice Leader at UST Global


UST Global is an american consulting firm present in 21 countries with around 20k employees.

Here, I led and managed the Blockchain Practice. With a high talented team, we developed blockchain based products and solutions for Fortune 500 companies all over the world.

Also, I have:

  • Defined the practice strategy and coordinating its technological approach.
  • Shape our offering and coordinating/developing our sales collateral.
  • Managing the development of internal products.
  • Managing and monitoring our main projects.
  • Managing our team issues and needs, recruiting processes and professional development.

Growth (focused on acquisition and customer onboarding) at anfix


Anfix is the leader invoice and accounting SaaS for SMBs and freelancers  in the spanish and LATAM market.

My mission here was to improve the KPIs in the acquisition and activation stages and the lead-to-customer conversion rates.

Because of this, we:

  • Accomplished up to 70% lower CPLs.
  • Multiplied by 3 the initial OKRs set for 2017.
  • Implemented and developed the analytics framework, KPIs and OKRs for the entire product.
  • Managed multidisciplinary teams from different countries to develop several projects.

Product at Blockchain Toolkit | Furai

2015 - 2018

In early 2015, Blockchain technology in itself started to gain shape. You could see it diverging from Bitcoin as an entity on its own and the enterprise world began to see it as a powerful, yet inmature, game changing technology.

I know this because I saw it in first person, after being actively involved in the conversation, mainly due to the previous role I performed at Bit2Me (more on this in the next section).

Being there, I saw the opportunity to create a niche blockchain consulting startup (so tiny it was just me and some collaborators), focused on delivering two services:

  • In-depth training for innovation staff and C-Suite at big corporations.
  • Use case definition, Ideation, Prototyping and MVP development for big companies.

That's how Furai was born.

Though I saw early on that innovation heads disguised commercial interest to just wanted to scoop and see what was all the fuzz about, the training service started to gain traction.

The MVP was an in-person training for some Capgemini directors, and some pre-sales before developing the course.

That led to the creation of Blockchain Toolkit, the first Blockchain MOOC in spanish that helped to understand blockchain in an easy way and how its value proposition could transform the enterprise landscape as we knew it.

With / In Blockchain Toolkit, I've:

  • Trained people at PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, Capgemini, Santander, BBVA, Carrefour, UST Global among other companies.
  • Designed and developed the overall product and service, from its inception, program development, content creation (around 140 pages), video producing, community management and distribution.
  • Did around €30k in sales.

Product & Growth at Bit2Me

2015 - 2016

Bit2Me was the first app that helped you turn bitcoins into cash through a network of more than 10k traditional ATMs.

And in a moment where a lot of people was crazy buying and placing ATMs in malls specifically for this, Bit2Me supposed a big milestone for the community at that time.

My job was to improve the overall product and design a go - to - market strategy to help the project take off.

During my time at Bit2Me, we've:

  • Went from 0 to €80k - €90k revenue per month.
  • Totalled + €1M in revenue the first year.
  • Grew our user base up to 25% per week.
  • Made our service available in 7 countries.
  • Won two awards (Startup of the year 2015, Traction Category, from Actualidad Económica and Caixabank; 50 best digital ideas, from Deloitte and Expansión).

Founder at Wot Applications

2011 - 2014

When I was 23, during my last year at college (studying business administration), I raised €100k to start Wot Applications and create Gointu.

Gointu was a platform that helped business owners in the hospitality market to connect with their customers, showing their offering with all the detail they wanted and having control over it.

Think about a mix between Yelp and Google Maps but with the critical info managed by owners, not showing user generated content (except for reviews and ratings).

During this time, I've:

  • Managed a team of 30 people (4 engineers, 1 designer, 1 sales director and 24 sales reps.)
  • Focused on product management and go - to - market plan development and execution.
  • We've acquired +500 customers between Asturias, Balearic Islands and Madrid.

Side projects and other fun initiatives

2011 - nowadays

  • I've co-authored Blockchain: La revolución industrial de internet (Deusto, 8 ed)
  • Advisor and counsel member of Saisho, the blockchain based art marketplace that allows you to buy original artworks and invest in promising artists by becoming their patrons.
  • Created an android app called Tindly: Guide to master Tinder (yeah, I was young and wild). Surprisingly, it had 113k downloads in two years. After that, Tinder said enough and send me an effective cease and desist.
  • Created and android app called Sabe+ with non-fiction books summaries (before Blinkist appeared). Guess what? It had 500 hundred downloads. The exact amount I thought it was going to have the Tinder one.
  • Recently, I'm building litpath, Maker's Way and MakerOps.